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Crescendo & Tutti


The Crescendo pedal and Tutti piston are designed to operate the organ stop action without operating the drawstop action; that is, they operate blind.



Crescendo Pedal 



Crescendo switch and display panel


Features :   
  32 or 64 steps.
  Standard or A, B, & C settings. 



ON  Normally, the display will follow the pedal movement. However, only when the crescendo pedal is switched on will the outputs be active.
Crescendo Program  This switch is used when programming the crescendo pedal and is provided with a small flashing LED to confirm the program mode. When in this mode the crescendo pedal is disabled. 
Next   This switch is used when programming the crescendo pedal to select each stage which is to be programmed. Alternatively, the crescendo pedal may be used to select each programmed stage. 
Blind Check   This switch is used to confirm the settings programmed on the crescendo pedal or tutti piston by operating the drawstop action. The blind check will only operate when in the crescendo program mode.

Tutti Piston 


The Tutti or Full Organ piston operates in a similar way to a crescendo pedal stage. The tutti piston is programmed using the setter piston. The selected registration can be checked using the blind check switch.


Tutti piston ( supplied by organ builder )