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The Stepper uses the Previous & Next pistons to move forwards or backwards through the general piston settings.


Stepper display panel

Display showing general level and last piston pressed.  Level 1 General Piston 6


Features :   
  Advances to the next general piston setting each time the next piston is operated.
  Alternatively, using the previous piston, moves down a general piston.



Playing aids have always reflected the music of the period. Many organs have no playing aids, some are fitted with primative fix combination pedals, and others have a modern instantly changeable combination system. The use of playing aids can add another dimension to the music, providing the organist with a palette loaded with musical colours and textures.

Today, modern technology makes almost anything possible. So was born the piston stepper and sequencer. The piston stepper is a simple aid that allows advancement through the general pistons using NEXT and PREVIOUS pistons. The NEXT piston automatically advances the registration to the next general piston setting. The PREVIOUS piston allows movement backwards through the general pistons. The stepper display provides a visual indication of the exact position and displays the level and general piston number.




 Previous piston

Next piston

Next & previous pistons ( supplied by organ builder )