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5 x 61 Soundboard Driver


The 5 x 61 Note Diode Electric Soundboard Driver is designed to control 5 ranks of 61 note pallet magnets including 5 solid state stop cutouts.





To overcome the problems that can occur with traditional slider barsoundboards subjected to the extremes in temperature and humidity, many organ builders resorted to the use of some type of sliderless bar type soundboard. Whilst these sliderless soundboards have proved more resilient, nothing lasts forever and many organ builders are responsible for repairing such failing actions.

A convenient solution is to replace the pneumatic valve under each pipe with a direct electric pallet.

For soundboards with more than five straight ranks, more than one board can be connected together.



Features :   
  Designed for 12 to 24 volts DC operation 
  Spark suppression diodes fitted as standard 
  Maximum load per note 1.0 amps 
  Size: 600 mm x 600 mm

1905  5 x 61 note soundboard driver