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Link Combination Systems


A simple and cost effective solid state piston combination system using shorting links for stop selection. Specifically designed for small organs that do not merit a more comprehensive combination system.



Features :   
  Up to ten departmental or general pistons optional reversible pistons.
  Each stop is set using a small shorting plug to select ON, OFF or NEUTRAL. 
  Normal 12 to 24 volts DC operation. 
  1 amp Output drive capacity with spark suppression fitted as standard.
  Mounted on a polished wood frame 325mm high, length to suit No. of stops.


1907-4 Link settable combination system 1-4 pistons per stop
1907-6   Link settable combination system 1-6 pistons per stop
1907-8   Link settable combination system 1-8 pistons per stop
1907-10  Link settable combination system 1-10 pistons per stop
1908   Reverser board 3 per board