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Pedal Derivation Boards


The pedal derivation boards provide a simple solid state switching system which allows up to three derivations from each pedal unit. eg. 16,8,4 or 8,4,2




Many small country churches have limited financial resources to spend on fanciful rebuilding schemes. Many may have reliable manual key actions with failing pedal pneumatic action. In many cases the most cost effective solution is to electrify the pedal action.


Features :   
  Normal operating voltage 12 to 24 volts DC operation
  Maximum load per magnet 1 amp 
  Spark suppression diodes fitted as standard
  Size: 520 mm x 230 mm


1919-1  Pedal Derivation board, 1 derivation
1919-2   Pedal Derivation board, 2 derivation
1919-3   Pedal Derivation board, 3 derivation